Membership Forms and Enquirers can be made at the office during office hours. Fees must be paid via cheque /cash during the office hours.


  1. Members must carry their membership I.D cards at all times and produce them when requested while on the premises.
  2. Members sending outstation cheques will have to add Rs. 100/- as clearing charges per cheque. If fees not paid within 30 days from due Date, Rs.50/-additional levy would be charged.
  3. Members must pay their Annual Club Subscription on a half yearly / yearly basis IN ADVANCE. Sectional Fees should be paid on a quarterly / half yearly / yearly basis IN ADVANCE as per Result 7, 9 and 11.
  4. Any member opting out of a Section, must fill in the Discontinuation Form available at the office. Failure to do so, the office will continue billing for the section which must be paid. Please refer Rules 7 ( c ) and 11 of the Rules and Regulations of the Institution. Cancellation must be done on or before the 10th of the first month of the quarter.
  5. It is obligatory that Members when entering the Gymkhana enter their names legibly and sign at the entrance. Members must also sign the Sectional Registers while using the same on entry.
  6. Members signing in their guest must be present alone with their guests at all times within the Gymkhana and be responsible for their behavior and ensure they comply with the rules at all times.
  7. Members are also requested to always carry their Liquor Permits while consuming alcohol in the Bandra Gymkhana premises. Children below 25 years are not permitted inside the bar.
  8. No outside liquor / food will be permitted into the Gymkhana premises on any day or function. Carrying glasses, bottles outside will invite disciplinary ation.
  9. For members / their guest (gents), short pants, capris are not permitted in the Gymkhana after 7 p.m and also Member player whether badminton or tennis with short pants are not permitted to sit in the pavilion, car, bar and restaurant.
  10. Two Straps Rubber slippers, flat rubber flip-flops and T-shirt/outfits with expletives are not permitted in the Gymkhana.
  11. Member are requested to ensure that Children accompanying them do not run around and disturb other fellow members; especially in the Pavilion, Cafeteria and First Floor Terrance & Restaurant.
  12. Members and their children / guests are informed that kicking a football or any ball against the chain-link fence and electrical cable trays is prohibited and playing on the courts after 10. p.m is not permitted to ensure no disturbance to the neighbourhood.
  13. For all tournaments/programmes, Entry Form will be available one week in advance of the function and may be collected from the Guest Clerk Cabins. Members are requested to adhere to dates for bookings and to co-operate at all times. All programmes are subject to change.
  14. Members’ children above the age 8 years must have a family card issued to avoid issues during functions/ payment of entry fees at the entrance. Children must carry the card at all time while entering the institution.
  15. Red card holders are family card holders and not a membership holders and is only a facility for entering the institution. Red card holders cannot sign in guest or avail of Sectional/Games facilities . It is obligatory that all red card holders return their cards on expiry of the same, viz. boys at 21 years of age and girls when married and when the original membership ceases.
  16. New Membership is now open as per Rules 6 (a) in the age group of 18 and above and needs to route through a voting member. An application may be addressed to the Hon. Gen. Secretary along with the CV and photography of the candidate from the 2nd of January 2015 through 31st of January 2015 from 5.00 p.m to 7.30 p.m and to be handed over to Mrs. Delrose Ferreira.
  17. If there is any changes in your Residential Address/Telephone Number, Kindly intimate the office in writing as well as long your email address with office if you require regular mailings.

 SMOKING in the entire premises of The Bandra Gymkhana is STRICTLY PROHIBITED (The Management reserves the Right of Admission.)

Christmas Dance

Dress Code:
Evening. Lounge Suits (Cravats / Ties are a must)
(No Polonecks / Safaris / Denims / Jeans)

New Year’s Eve Dance
Dress Code:
Evening. Loung Suits (Carvats / Ties are a must)
(No Polonecks / Safaris / Denims / Jeans)

Dance Instructions

  • Booking of tables is open to only members except red card holders
  • Booking of tables and tickets must be done personally with your membership cards as letters of authority will not be entertained.
  • A member may reserve a maximum of 1 table provided 2 tickets against each table are collected.
  • Members tickets are NOT TRANSFERABLE.
  • Admission to the dances WILL NOT be permitted to persons below the age of 14 years.
  • Members and their guests are requires to observe the dress code throughout the Christmas and New Year’s Eve dances and non-compliance with dress code will  result in refusal of admission / the person being asked to leave the premises.
  • Drinking, Carrying glasses / bottles on the dance floor is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any person found not complying with the above will have to leave the premises.
  • SMOKING in the entire premises of The Bandra Gymkhana is STRICTLY PROHIBITED (The Management reserves the Right of Admission.)